Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wordless wednesday...kind of...

first boat ride for Bubbles...

smallest life vest they had...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

new vacation...

soo we were supposed to go to ocean city, md this week but with Irene we were scared to wait and not be able to go. so we cancelled that vacation on friday afternoon and reserved a house in deep creek, md

bubbles slept the whole ride....and was ready to get out after the 2 hour drive...

it's WAY different than ocean city but there is soo much to do here.

today they had an apple butter festival...which consisted of 2 craft stands, a taxidermy stand, and a food that didnt last long but there was a trail through the woods that led to 3 waterfalls....

we made it to one waterfall but it scared me to go any further with the baby so we might go back later in the week without him...

but the waterfall was so pretty! first one i've ever seen

later we went to the deep creek state park...the only 'beach' here but it was still pretty! water was freezing though!

and of course he slept through it all...he loves our new sling! falls asleep almost immediately after i put him in it!

we have soo much more to do this week....kayaking, tubes on the lake, amusement park, putt-putt, and tons more....

have a great week!

our 101 in 1001!

so I keep reading about so many people doing the Day Zero Project and it sounds soo fun!  an excuse to try lots of new things.  so i talked the husband into making a list with me and trying our best to complete it!

some things are individual but most things will be done together!

here's the list...


1.       Get a new job
2.       Take a photography class
3.       Learn to golf
4.       Make scrapbook of 365 Days of Cole
5.       Floss every day for a month (and hopefully continue!)
6.  Learn to locate all 50 states on the map!....yes for real! I'm terrible at it!
7.       Successfully make gingerbread man cookies!!
8.       Try 5 new foods! Eek!!
9.       Get & learn how to use Photoshop!
10.   Restore an antique piece of furniture
11.   Watch 3 of rich’s favorite movies that he quotes ALL the time
12.   Sell at 10 craft shows
13.   Sew a quilt
14.   Finish wedding scrapbook
15.   Make honeymoon scrapbook
16.   Find a Mommy group I can actually go to
17.   Take real estate class
18.   Learn to be a good ‘couponer’
19.   Get realtor license


20.   Get a tattoo
21.   Invest in penny stocks
22.   Tweet
23.   Golf at Oakmont
24.   Run a 5k
25.   Go skinny dipping
26.   Go jet skiing
27.   Take multivitamin
28.   PGA tour event
29.   Learn how to change the oil
30.   Hang smoke detectors!
31.   Have a poker night
32.   Run on the beach
33.   Learn how to drive a stick


34.   Visit 5 new cities
35.   Go to 3 museums in Pittsburgh
36.   Try 10 new restaurants
37.   Go to the Cleveland zoo
38.   Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC
39.   Potty train Cole
40.   Have baby #2
41.   Read 10 books…each
42.   Pay off credit cards
43.   Buy a bigger house
44.   Take a cooking class TOGETHER
45.   Go golfing together!
46.   Complete 365 days of Cole
47.   Go to a national park
48.   Go on a Just Ducky Tour in PGH
49.   Complete 100 push up challenge
50.   Complete 100 sit up challenge
51.   Write a will
52.   Sell all of our ‘junk’
53.   10 random good deeds
54.   Stay in the house for one entire weekend
55.   Go one month without buying anything but necessities
56.   Put $25 a month in Cole’s savings account
57.   No eating out for a month
58.   Organize all storage spaces in the house
59.   Get a new camera
60.   Vacation with friends
61.   Wine tasting
62.   Niagara Falls in the summer
63.   Go to Vegas
64.   Go hiking
65.   Bike the riverfront trail
66.   New GPS
67.   New TV
68.   Paint basement
69.   Paint kitchen
70.   Paint Living Room
71.   Rustoleum-ize the cabinets
72.   Go fishing
73.   Shooting range
74.   Nascar Race
75.   Hockey game at Consol
76.   Teach Cole the alphabet
77.   Go to Disneyworld
78.   Volunteer at a soup kitchen
79.   Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
80.   Horseback riding
81.   Make 5 new recipes
82.   Go on a picnic
83.   Watch a movie in the park
84.   Watch 10 movies neither of us has seen
85.   10 DIY projects
86.   Spend a Saturday morning at the Strip
87.   Go to Falling Water
88.   Stain console table
89.   Put up drywall in the basement
90.   Sell the water softener
91.   Watch a sunrise
92.   Watch a sunset
93.   Take a couples massage class
94.   Give a loan via Kiva
95.   Give a well deserving server a 50% tip
96.   5 new putt putt courses
97.   Get rings engraved
98.   Go rollerskating
99.   Glass blowing class
100.  Clay cafĂ©
101. Go ice skating

we're at the lake this week so there are a few we might get done while we're here!

have any of you successfully completed one of these lists?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wordless wednesday

not a lot of time today - getting ready to leave for vacation on Saturday so I'll do my first wordless Wednesday....

putting himself to sleep...

cuddling with daddy...

have a great day! :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

3 Months Old!

I can't believe Bubbles is 3 months old already!!

It doesn't seem like that long at all!

here's his three month picture with his tie sticker

sitting up like a big boy!

he's still pretty tiny...around 10.5 oz.  the dr had me increase the bottles he gets while I'm at work to 5 oz and now he's starting to spit out which he never did!

we were at the grocery store tonight and some woman was like....aww look how tiny - you must have just come right from the hospital...really!?!? he's clearly not a newborn!

we took him to JCPenney yesterday for pictures and it took us 45 minutes to get 5 decent picture...we couldn't get him to give us his big grin at all! he slept all morning and had just eaten but he was not having it....until we got home...

the smile we tried so hard for!

we've been busy trying to get everything done before vacation! cleaning, packing, shopping, and finishing up my Etsy orders.

I talked hubby into doing one of those 101 in 1001 lists with me. it's really hard to come with that many things - even between the two of us!

we're stuck on 74...any ideas!?!?

have a great day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

weekend and my first award!

it's been a busy couple of days!  Bubbles isn't gaining weight as quickly as the doctors would like (his dad was 92 pounds in 9th grade- I think he's just going to be tiny!) but they have me taking fenugreek and pumping an hour after he eats - so it's been crazy working the schedule around all the feedings/pumps!

but hubbie's boss gave us tickets to his private suite at the Steeler's preseason game on Thursday night! it was my first game so i was excited! and we won!!

here's our view from the box! my favorite part...our own bathroom! there were 10 of us total so it was MUCH cleaner than the normal bathrooms!

my little cookie monster!

this was our latest dinner out...he looked so cute i had to take a picture in the middle of the restaurant!

soo I was given my first blog award last week! i was so excited and shocked since I only started blogging a week here it is...

I'd like to thank Vicky at Mess for Less for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award!  I am so excited that you like my blog!

The rules after accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

So here are 7 things about me:
1- I'm a new mom.
2- I adore my baby boy! I could watch him make faces for hours!
3- I married my best friend/high school sweetheart a year ago!
4- I love to try making anything to save money.   
5- I would love to be a realtor or party planner but I'm too scared to do either one.
6- I like cleaning-mostly because i hate a mess! especially in small spaces!
7- I have VERY weird eating i still dont eat the crust of bread or the crunchy ends of french fries!

So now I have to pass this award along to 15 other blogs that I recently discovered and like! I'm still new to the blogging world and working on finding tons of awesome blogs so here's what I have so far.
Please check out all of these awesome blogs!

7. My Happily Ever After

so that was my last few days!

7 days until vacation....

enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

halfway through the week...

10 days until vacation! we're going to ocean city, md and I can't wait!

our little guy is on the tiny side apparently.  he's 12.5 weeks and only up 3 lbs 4 oz from birth weight.  he seems content though.  but they're making me take fenugreek and it's...AWFUL...i really hope it works!  i keep tasting pancakes! anyone else have to take that?

on a brighter note...he's getting close to sitting up! he has way more control over his neck now.

he was watching the Pirate game with his Daddy....just needed some support on his back but his head was pretty steady!

his new best friend...

i loved this position...

I also added some new cupcake sets to my shop today:

I received the versatile blogger award today! was really surprised since I've only been up for a week but I'll work on that post tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!


Monday, August 15, 2011

fun & busy weekend!

we had a very busy but productive weekend!

lots of family fun time and lots of crafting and cleaning!

Batman is filming here in Pittsburgh, so we went down and watched a little bit of that. no pictures allowed though! it was weird to see "snow" on the streets in August!

back in April a friend from high school emailed me to see if I would make her an aisle runner like the one from our wedding.  I was 8 months pregnant at the time so I waited awhile to do it and finally got around to it this weekend!

she hasn't seen it yet but here it is:

i'm a perfectionist so I can see all the little mistakes but hubbie says it looks awesome!

then I caught up on orders and made some new things for my Etsy shop - Halloween and Back to School sets!

we also got some down time so spend with Bubbles! he;s getting a lot more playful now! smiling a ton! even making a little giggle sound!!

laying on the couch with Daddy while Mommy worked...

play time!  love that smile!

half smile with his monkey security blanket! he's starting to hold on to things more and more!

That was our fun/relaxing weekend! How was your weekend?

Have a great week!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cole's Baptism

We had Cole baptized at our church on July 24!

He looked so handsome! And he didn't cry at all! We were so relieved!

I really wish we had a better picture of Father holding him up here....he spit out his binky and smiled for us! It was so cute!

with his Daddy....he looks just like him already!

His wonderful Godparents.  My sister...Aunt Bri.  and our friend is the Godfather...Uncle Tim!  He lives in NYC though...too far away!  We had an awesome, but crazy busy, weekend with him and his wife, Sarah.  They came in early Saturday and helped us so much with party prep!  We even had time to squeeze in a baseball game and fireworks!  Daddy caught a ball for Cole!

parents and Godparents...I'm really looking forward to our beach trip to get some color on me!!

my parents....his Nana and Pap!

we didn't get any pictures of him at the party, it got a little hectic at the house! but here are some pictures of the party before 35 people came over....

i made the cupcakes and cookies....but not the cake....we ordered that! and it was delicious!

banner, favor tags, and cupcake wrappers are all available in my Etsy shop!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


hi everyone!
I just decided that as much as I want to have a full record of everything Cole does as he grows up, I just don't have time to make a scrap book right now.  Between working full time, my Etsy shop, and spending every other possible minute with him and my wonderful husband.  So I'll record everything here for now and hopefully, eventually, put it all into a book for him to have!

I also wanted somewhere to share experiences with fellow new moms!  There's so much going on that we can learn about together!  Like I just learned today that at just 11 weeks - he's teething already! I never knew it could start so early!  The breast-feeding side of me is getting scared!  So lets share all the new, fun, and scary things our babies do!

And finally, I wanted somewhere to be able to do giveaways.  With all the new FB rules - I'm afraid to do it on my FB page.  So once I get enough followers, I'll start taking sponsors and doing giveaways here!  I also like to run free shipping specials for my be sure to follow me on twitter and facebook!