Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 months old!

it's so hard to believe Bubbles is 4 months old already!

time is going soo fast already!

he's so fun right now - always talking and giggling!

the doctor says he's a little too small though...24" and only 10lbs 13oz.  hubby was tiny too but Bubbles didnt gain anything in 3 weeks.  so I'm supposed to pump exclusively for 2 weeks to monitor what he gets...before we do that i'm trying to make him eat longer at every feeding and we're using our Wii Fit to watch his growth...i'm not using it to exercise so might as well get some use out of it, right?!

anyways...of course we did our 4month photo shoot with his PurplePossom tie...

and of course he has to try and eat it....

i LOVE that smile!

have a great weekend!! :)


Saturday, September 17, 2011

super easy fondant tutorial

so since there isn't much I won't attempt to make at least once - I decided for my sister's sweet 16 last year to make her a fondant cake -

hubby and I were up until like 1 in the morning I think....but we learned lots and now it's a breeze. so don't be intimidated - it's really fun! (keep reading for instructions)

2 weeks after that party i went at it again and made one for my parents 25th Anniversary party.  I thought I would make it nice and simple - turns out the less decorations you add, the harder because you can use the decorations to hide flaws! but here is their cake:

so it's actually quite simple - you can just google, "marshmallow fondant" and a ton of recipes come up.

the one i use is:

4 cups of marshmallows (lesson #1 - do NOT use generic marshmallows - trust me, it wont work...spend the extra $1 a bag for the good ones!)

add 2 tablespoons of water:

then microwave for a minute at first, then 30 seconds at a time until there are no more lumps of marshmallows

if you're going to add food coloring, do it now (lesson #2 - make it a little darker than you want it because the powdered sugar will lighten it up. lesson #3 - don't listen to any recipe that tells you to knead in the food coloring at the end....its awful and a lot of work and sweat!)

once you have desired color, add 4 cups of powdered sugar - generic is fine now.

then stir it in until it won't mix anymore - it'll look crumby, kind of like old play-doh

dump it out onto a VERY well non-stick sprayed counter and knead it all together until its all mixed in and even texture

if you make it ahead of time this is where you stop, wrap it up really well, and refrigerate.

lesson #4 - if you refrigerate - microwave for 10 seconds before rolling out or will you get a crazy workout and break a sweat big time!
when you're ready - add some more spray and roll it out evenly

this time I made cupcake toppers friend's baby's Christening.  I made them for Cole's back in July and she asked if I could make them for her too. So i cut circles and crosses with cookie cutters:

I did white and baby blue. then you just brush a little bit of water on the back of the cross and stick it to the circle

then you just push down the cupcake icing with them and you're done!

have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

he has a voice!

...and a very cute one!

Bubbles has recently discovered that he can do more with his vocal cords then cry occasionaly.  he's been "talking" like crazy! mostly in the morning when I go in to feed him...makes getting up so early not as awful!

but they are the cuteset little noises...i had to record a little bit last night...of course he's camera shy so he kind of stopped once I got it out!

I could listen to that all day! :)

so i have recently become addicted to Pinterest! (follow me!) there is just soo much to look at I have trouble closing it! I found so many new things I want to make - hubby is less than thrilled! oh well... ;)

would love to follow some new cute boards....let me know if you have any!

have a great rest of the week!



Thursday, September 8, 2011

almost fall...costume ideas??

the temperature has dropped. it was completely dark by 8 pm tonight. and football started. fall is officially almost here...

in an effort to not be AS bored watching sports with the hubby EVERY night (i can't wait for the new shows to start!) i actually asked him to start betting on the games again! he did it awhile ago and didnt do too bad! so now i have a reason to watch and know who to cheer for when it's not a Steelers tonight...Go Greenbay!!

fall also means its almost Halloween....first one for Bubbles! we can't decide on a costume...hubby had a "brilliant" idea..."i'll be a football player, you be a cheerleader, and the baby can be a football!"
not happening....

so what are some good ideas for a 5 month old Halloween costume?? and good places to shop for them??

of course I must post pictures of him...

i would LOVE to know what he's thinking...

loving the cell phone ALREADY...oh no....we're in loves anything that lights, tv, ceiling fan...

all snuggly with daddy!

have a great Friday! LOVE the 4 day week!


p.s. has anyone tried the lactation cookies....did it work for you?!?  the fenugreek was helping for awhile I think, then I came back from vacation and I'm back to not pumping much - so I'm thinking about trying the cookies this weekend....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

end of vacation

we're back home after an awesome week in deep creek, md! we ended up doing soo much more than we would have on our original vacation to ocean city, md. so i guess we can actually thank Hurricane Irene...

by mid week we had already hiked to  a waterfall, fished, and kayaked.

then we went to the adventure center and went to the arcade, batting cages, and played a game of miniature-golf...with Bubbles in the was interesting...

(ignore my extra 35 pounds of baby weight...)

we put his toes in the water for the first time...

and he actually didnt hate it...


family picture...

the weather wasn't the greatest all week so we had to get creative with activities...

on a rainy day we went to a glass blowing factory and got to walk through and watch them make amazing glass pieces.

then we went to a small town that had a transportation museum but it wasnt open... so all we saw was an old train car...

a few little stores and a cool door...

on our last day we went back to the state park that had the waterfalls and hiked to the other 3 falls....the first one was by far the best one! but this view was super pretty with the sun coming through the trees...

we had such an awesome time...we'll definitely be going back, especially since it's only a 2 hour drive from home!

enjoy your Labor Day weekend....