Thursday, September 8, 2011

almost fall...costume ideas??

the temperature has dropped. it was completely dark by 8 pm tonight. and football started. fall is officially almost here...

in an effort to not be AS bored watching sports with the hubby EVERY night (i can't wait for the new shows to start!) i actually asked him to start betting on the games again! he did it awhile ago and didnt do too bad! so now i have a reason to watch and know who to cheer for when it's not a Steelers tonight...Go Greenbay!!

fall also means its almost Halloween....first one for Bubbles! we can't decide on a costume...hubby had a "brilliant" idea..."i'll be a football player, you be a cheerleader, and the baby can be a football!"
not happening....

so what are some good ideas for a 5 month old Halloween costume?? and good places to shop for them??

of course I must post pictures of him...

i would LOVE to know what he's thinking...

loving the cell phone ALREADY...oh no....we're in loves anything that lights, tv, ceiling fan...

all snuggly with daddy!

have a great Friday! LOVE the 4 day week!


p.s. has anyone tried the lactation cookies....did it work for you?!?  the fenugreek was helping for awhile I think, then I came back from vacation and I'm back to not pumping much - so I'm thinking about trying the cookies this weekend....


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