Monday, October 24, 2011

a couple firsts

we have had a lot of firsts the past couple much excitement!

Cole is VERY slowly gaining weight so we started solids a little early.

we tried just rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, by spoon....

he was soo not a fan...

so after having a lot of that spit in my face...
i added smashed up banana...

 and he loved it...he shakes in between bites...

a week later at the doctor, he was up 7oz in 2 weeks and we are done with weight checks for now!!

then, the same day he tried cereal...
he rolled over for the first time!! and i got it on video!!
bad angle makes him look like he has a huge head but still cute:

he was so proud of himself after! now he's rollin back to front too!

next up: butternut squash! can't wait! pictures soon!

have a great day!


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