Wednesday, August 17, 2011

halfway through the week...

10 days until vacation! we're going to ocean city, md and I can't wait!

our little guy is on the tiny side apparently.  he's 12.5 weeks and only up 3 lbs 4 oz from birth weight.  he seems content though.  but they're making me take fenugreek and it's...AWFUL...i really hope it works!  i keep tasting pancakes! anyone else have to take that?

on a brighter note...he's getting close to sitting up! he has way more control over his neck now.

he was watching the Pirate game with his Daddy....just needed some support on his back but his head was pretty steady!

his new best friend...

i loved this position...

I also added some new cupcake sets to my shop today:

I received the versatile blogger award today! was really surprised since I've only been up for a week but I'll work on that post tomorrow!

Have a great Thursday!



  1. I took fenugreek. I hate maple. I don't even know if it did anything. My friend drank O'Doul's. I just drank regular beer. :)

    Elena pointed at your pics and said "who's that?"

  2. Hi, new follower from the hop! I make cup cake toppers too! Although I think I like yours better. They are super cute!

    Lori @