Wednesday, August 10, 2011


hi everyone!
I just decided that as much as I want to have a full record of everything Cole does as he grows up, I just don't have time to make a scrap book right now.  Between working full time, my Etsy shop, and spending every other possible minute with him and my wonderful husband.  So I'll record everything here for now and hopefully, eventually, put it all into a book for him to have!

I also wanted somewhere to share experiences with fellow new moms!  There's so much going on that we can learn about together!  Like I just learned today that at just 11 weeks - he's teething already! I never knew it could start so early!  The breast-feeding side of me is getting scared!  So lets share all the new, fun, and scary things our babies do!

And finally, I wanted somewhere to be able to do giveaways.  With all the new FB rules - I'm afraid to do it on my FB page.  So once I get enough followers, I'll start taking sponsors and doing giveaways here!  I also like to run free shipping specials for my be sure to follow me on twitter and facebook!


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